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We spend the night in the old town of Trani. The roads inside the old town is pretty narrow but we do manage to find a little spot for our little rental car to park so we can go to the B&B and explore the city. It has gotten dark when we get there but it is pretty down at the harbor where most of the restaurants in the city seem to be located. After a quick dinner at the harbor we walk around the harbor to an old park.

Inside the park they have a lot of pretty lights for the season – so we walk around the small park in the darkness enjoying the lights – it seems like the thing to do not only for the very few tourists in town but also for the more numerous locals. The lights of the park are easy to enjoy in the darkness but the old town is a bit harder to enjoy tonight so we have to do the sightseeing in the morning.

In the morning we walk out and explore the old town. There are many old churches inside the old town and a synagogue as well. But before we have a look around at the churches we head to the fortress at the edge of town. The fortress used to protect the harbor of the city and used to be a royal residence as well. We go inside the fortress – there isn’t many people visiting this morning so we have it to ourselves – it is a nice place to go and explore.

After the fortress we head down to the harbor where the fishing boats has come in with the catch of the day – and they are selling the fresh fish to the locals – it would be tempting to go for fresh fish but we won’t have the ability to do cooking for lunch or dinner so we leave the fish shopping for the locals.

After the fish at the harbor we have a bit more of a look at the narrow streets of the old town which has a lot of old churches and an old synagogue as well. The old town is pretty nice to see and we enjoy wondering the streets of Trani for a while and then we go searching for the car to head out of the city.


  1. Thanks so much for the pleasant reminder of Trani, which we visited several years ago. We didn’t see those fun lights, though, and I recall the town had a strange slogan, like Trani: the Slow City. The cathedral was marvelous!

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    1. I think the lights was only there because it was shortly after Christmas. Unfortunately we didn’t get to go inside the main cathedral because there was a service going on when we were there so only got to see small parts in kind of the basement.

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