Following the Adriatic coast

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We start the day with a cake orgy at the B&B we stayed during the night. The Italians do seem to like a very large selection of cakes for breakfast and not much else – I guess it isn’t really a good place to go for breakfast if you are a diabetic. After have gone through a surprisingly large number of cakes we can start the day of exploring the east coast of Italy.

A few morning cakes to choose from

We take the short walk down to the beach of Pescara which isn’t far from the B&B we stayed. It looks nice down at the beach it is good to see a sunny beach after having suffered through the darkness of winter for what seems like an eternity. To be fair there isn’t much to see down at the beach so we quickly go back to get the car and start driving south along the coast enjoying the sun.

The first bit of the drive goes fast along the highway but after a quick drive we turn out to a small peninsula which supposedly should be a very nice part of the Italian east coast. The roads out here are a bit smaller than the main road going south so the driving is slower. We drive around the twisted roads on the peninsular until we arrive at the old town of Vieste.

It is getting a bit late so we search for a place to have a little late lunch. It seems like there really isn’t that many places to choose from here when it is out of season but after a bit of searching we find a restaurant which do serve more or less classical Italian food – though it seems pizza is only served at night time so we have to go for the pasta instead.

I don’t think Vieste was really worth the drive out here so our visit is pretty quick. Unfortunately the days are short and it will be getting dark early so we don’t have a lot of time to explore more of the peninsular before it will be getting dark. So we just drive along the twisted roads out of the peninsular back towards the mainland and our hotel for the night a couple of hours drive further south.


      1. It is pretty anoying if you visit on a long weekend and suddenly realize everything close. I think it is an old eastern european Thing it seems like everything turisty there close on Monday.

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      2. Not at all. That goes only for museums in whole Europe. Everything else is open literally 24/7 elsewhere. That’s Munich. On the bright side, shops at the airport are always open. 🙂
        (btw I just had pancakes for dinner)

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