Café Les Paillottes

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One of our hobbies are eating out while traveling and sample the local specialties, and we also love to eat at Michelin restaurants in any countries we visited if possible.

The restaurant in the darkness

This place has one Michelin award on it and the building from outside looks really grand, Christmassy, and full of light in a feast season.

Our reservation stated at 8pm to be on time so we were there at 8 o´clock sharp.  Little did we know, the restaurant actually just open it is door and no other guests inside.

The not so full restaurant

The staff was friendly, and we were given seat immediately and drinks served.

As it was a special late Christmas dinner, there were live band and singing included.  The singer was practicing and singing a beautiful Christmas song in Italian language.  We do not understand it, but we know the tune of it.  He has a very beautiful voice.

Unfortunately, by 8.30pm, still nobody arrived.  The staff asked if we would like to start the dinner and we said yes, since I was hungry by this time of the day. And luckily, we did as most of the guests arrived really late.

The snack of sushi arrived on the table.  Unfortunately it was not that good compare with other sushi I had been eating before.

After that the house bread arrived. It was different type of bread, still warm and love the look of it. It taste yummy as well.

I really fall in love with this dish. It presented beautifully with artificial smoke under the plate and feast to the eyes. So colorful and it taste really good. It called Tartare di scampi in Italian.

The second dish is mezzi paccheri allo soglio ai sapori mediterrani con purrea di spinaci – I translated through google which said: half paccheri allo scoglio with Mediterranean flavors with spinach puree. It taste really good and both of us were very happy with the dish.

The third dish is pasta with some sort of fish and again… we were very happy with this dish. It was really good.

The forth dish is Rombo in crosta mediterranea con purea di – which means Turbot in Mediterranean crust with puree.  Again… the food here is really super, very good, tasty and beautifully presented.

Lastly we have a chocolate truffle with a coffee caramel.  It was really delicious.

We linger for awhile after we finish dinner and listen the live music. Unfortunately, the restaurant do not have tea. So beware of it.  It is in Italy.. so people drink coffee obviously.

Anyway, the food at this place is really good and I want to come back here and dine again in the future.


    1. There can be some real gems in that kind of places as well. We try to find these as well – but we like to try to put in one of this kind of restaurants as well – just to mix it up a bit. It is often something completely different from the small local places.

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    1. Yup it is real we had dinner there 🙂 and it was actually surprisingly cheap for this kind of restaurant. It was just under 100€ for two including free wine during the meal and drinks before the meal.


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