Memorial for the homosexual prosecuted by the Nazism

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Opposite the big memorial for the Jewish victims for the Nazi is a much smaller memorial for the homosexuals who were prosecuted and many killed by the Nazi regime. Contrary to the prosecution of the Jews it took a long time before the Germans recognized the homosexual victims with a memorial. A large part of the reason is homosexuality remained illegal in West Germany until 1969.

Until the 1980s nobody even discussed a memorial for these victims but finally in 1985 the German president recognized the homosexuals as a victim group of the Nazi regime. In 1993 an interest group started promoting a memorial for the homosexual victims – and finally in 2003 a memorial was approved at the current location. In 2008 the small memorial was finally finished.

The memorial is basically a big concrete blog. Within the concrete blog is a video which show homosexual kissing. Unlike the Jewish memorial on the other side of the road not many people seems to notice this small memorial and when I went to see it I was the only one around which seemed to notice the small memorial. I guess the lack of guest is kind of a sign the other victims of the Nazi holocaust is somewhat overlooked compared to the more numerous Jewish victims – people tend to forget the killings of Roma, Homosexuals and handicapped people – who were all just like the Jews persecuted just for being who they were.


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