Topography of Terror

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Just around the corner of the Potsdamer Platz is a memorial of terror. Quite suitable for a city which for a couple of generation was the home to the two most vicious of ideologies the world has ever seen. First they had the Nazi from 1933 making the city their center of terror just to have them replaced by another terror regime in the eastern part of the city until 1989.

The museum is located at the site of the former SS Reich Main Security Office which was the headquarter of some of the worst parts of the Nazi regime oppression system namely the Sicherheitspolizie, Sicherheist Dienst (SD), Gestapo and Eisatsgruppen. The buildings were severely damaged by allied bombing in the early part of 1945 and after the end of the war the ruins were demolished. This was the border between the American and soviet sector of berlin so when the wall came up the communist regime raised the outer wall next to the current memorial.

The museum is located at the old wall and a small section of the wall has been preserved here – including the damage induced during the fall of the wall when people tried to tear it down with sledgehammers. The section of wall preserved here is actually the longest section of the outer wall which was visible from West Berlin still standing. There is a longer stretch of wall at the East Side Gallery – but this was the inner wall which formed part of the security zone of the regime and was invisible from the western part of town.

Below the wall is a section of illustrations and text which tells the story of the terror regimes in Berlin in all its unpleasant details. There is a lot of text so after a while we just skip parts of it and decide we must head on to see the rest of the city.

The memorial consists of a wall with displays of the history of how people were treated during the dictatorships rule in Germany. There is a lot of information of the displays and if you want to actually read all of it – you’ll end up spending hours just going through the outdoor display. In addition to the outdoor display is a big complex with additional displays of the history of the terror in Berlin. It’s a huge building so you can spend hours inside if you got the time – and there is no entrance fee so you can distribute your visit over several days if you like and have more time.


    1. I don’t think the Berlin Wall and Trump’s Wall is quite the same. People have built Wall’s to keep people out for millineas – just think of Hadrian Wall and the great Wall of china. Very few times have you built a Wall’s to keep people from leaving.

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