Rushing through Rhode Island

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We drive from Plymouth down south to Rhode Island. This is actually my second time in Rhode Island but this visit won’t be much longer than the last time I went through the state along the interstate for maybe half an hour or however long it took me to get from Massachusetts to Connecticut.

We cross the state border and reach into Rhode Island. We don’t stop but just drive along the road until we get down to the southern part of the state. Down there at the south coast we have to cross a couple of pretty big bridges. Unfortunately you have to pay but only 4 dollars so it is probably not worth doing a big detour back up in the northern part of the state to avoid the toll road.

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From the bridge you got a pretty good view of the shore down in costal Rhode Island and the bridges themselves are pretty impressive engineering works. We drive quickly across and then we don’t really do more sightseeing in Rhode Island.

So my second trip to this state was also just a drive by – I do have to stop the car one day and set down my foot in the state of Rhode Island just for the principal of it.


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