Heading for the rock of Plymouth

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We leave Plimoth Plantation to go to Plymouth itself – there is a decent size town still at this historic location. We go to an old mill since we got a combination ticket at the plantation which allows access to the mill. When we get to the mill we go inside and nobody check the ticket – which is a bit annoying since we could have saved the 6 dollars each if we knew we could just have walked in. and considering the mill isn’t all that interesting if you have been to other old mills – it feels a bit of a waste of 12 dollars. We do walk through the mill quickly and then we head out side to explore the old town.


We walk from the old mill along a small stream down to the beach. Down at harbor you will normally find a replica of the Mayflower but it is currently away for repair somewhere so we can’t see what the ship bringing the pilgrims across the Atlantic actually looked like. I assume it would be quite small and probably a lot smaller than most of us would assume for a ship travelling between continents. Instead we head for the biggest attraction of Plymouth. The Plymouth Rock. The rock is the alleged location of the landing of the Mayflower when the pilgrims finally reach the destination in the new world where they would found their colony. The location of the landing is actually not know for sure – the tradition of the landing at the rock dates back to somebody once asking an old man where the landing took place – this old man didn’t actually arrive on the Mayflower but he lived in the early colony and had heard other people talking about the location of the landing.


No matter if the actual landing of the Mayflower took place exactly at the Plymouth Rock or not – it is very likely to have been fairly close by this location since it is within easy walking distance to the street where the original colony was located. So it would have been easy to take the supplies from the boat to the new colony.


We leave the rock to walk up through the historic street with fairly old houses – but none of the houses date back anywhere near to the original colony some four hundred years ago. We walk through the street and some places got small marker telling who lived at this location back at the original colonial times. The street is fairly short so it doesn’t take long to walk through it so we head back to the car and continue our journey through New England.



    1. I guess that is one more reason for you to go and visit you aunt and uncle 🙂 there is a nice old open air museum next to plymoth as well with a recreation of the old settlement of Plimoth.


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