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When you go through New England you will have several chances to go and see one of the Ivy League Universities you find in these states. We had missed most of our chances to go and see some of these famous institutions – but we did spend the night just outside New Haven Connecticut. So this morning was a golden opportunity to look what the buildings look like from the outside.

We drive into the center of New Haven which is dominated by a large green area and a few churches across from the big university of the town Yale. We stroll around the lawn with the churches first and then we head back across the lawn to the university area which takes up several city blocks in the central part of New Haven. We walk into a courtyard with the buildings of the university.

When you go inside the courtyard and the university area you can see this institution didn’t become what is today – with thousands of students – immediately. It is pretty clear the buildings of the university is from different eras and they have been added as the university grew out of its old buildings and need newer and bigger places to house all the extra students arriving as the fame of the school grew and attracted the students able to pay the tuition of the university.

When we walk around the center of the city it is pretty clear it is a university town. There are people riding bicycles – seriously people in the states riding a bike – not something you see every day when you travel around the country. And the Starbucks is pretty full with people drinking coffee and doing stuff on their laptops and iPads.


      1. I had guess it already from Cambridge – I guess it could have been the Cambridge in UK, but I assumed it was the one in Boston 🙂


    1. They were pretty impressive. I know there is also a pretty big university town in UK with the same name. Just assumed it was the boston version – it made more sense when the comment was on a Yale blog 🙂


  1. Great collection of buildings, looks like you were spoilt for choice with your camera, lol. A lot of colonial buildings, mixed in with Neo Classical, plus some barking Castle thing that could have come straight from the streets of Oxford!

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  2. Glad you stopped by our little big town on the CT shore. The green area around the 3 churches is officially The New Haven Green. It was a cemetery for 300 years, but almost everyone was reinterred elsewhere. There are still headstones in the dirt basement of the center church. And we had a big storm in


  3. 2012 that knocked over an oak tree. It was Halloween time. Guess what was tangled in the roots? Skeletons. Quite a sight! Those poor people. At least they were examined and reinterred with respect.

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