Sightseeing along the interstate

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We drive south along the interstate – it is actually the first time we drive on an interstate since we arrived in New England – but up here it is so fortunate you can actually do sightseeing just off the interstate I-93. We drive south from Littleton and as we drive along there are many small turnout you can take to see different sights along the road.

We drive a bit slowly along the road considering it had snowed during the night and the temperatures are still just above freezing so no need to rush it and risk a slippery patch on the road. After a short drive along the interstate we turn out to a small sight at a lake and little patch of forest where we can see some of the autumn colours which by now have been supplemented by a cover of white.

We walk a bit around the forest and then drive under the interstate to reach the lake. It is far out of season so we are the only people visiting the lake and all services like toilets have long been closed off for the season. But we can enjoy the view of the lake all by ourselves which is very nice. The snow on the ground mean it is still a bit cold so we don’t stay all that long and continue our journey back at the interstate.

We continue to another stop which used to be one of the main sights of all of New Hampshire – the Old Man of the Mountain. But unfortunately the old man died about ten years ago aged about 20.000 years. So now there is no old man sitting on the edge of the mountain. It is still an interesting spot since they have tried to recreate the old man using some poles with a bit of metal which will make the illusion of the old man if you align yourself properly – which they help by pointing to where you should stand depending on your height.

A short drive the road is another turn out called the Basin where we go for a short hike through the forest to a steam with a little basin at the end which has been carved out by the flowing water through the millennia’s.

We leave the old man stopping another couple of places before we reach the Flume Gorge visitor center – it seems to be the main attraction of the area and it is the only places charging an admission. We decide to skip it since we are a bit short on time – we have spent longer than expected driving this short road. So we continue down to the Lincoln to end our sightseeing along the interstate.


    1. The weather was cold but except for that it was good during the day so we could get out at see some stuff – just had to take care with the slippery trails ☺


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