Winter coming before fall

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We wake up in the morning and the colours outside our motel aren’t quite what we had expected. The fall colours of New England have been replaced by full wintery snow. The car is covered in a layer of snow so we have to get it cleaned off before we head out for breakfast.

We go down to the river where there are a nice covered bridge spanning the river and some fairly old buildings overlooking the river. We try to get coffee at a small place with a view – but their breakfast spread doesn’t really live up to the coffee on offer so we decide to head back to the main street for a somewhat more substantial full American breakfast.

After the breakfast we have a quick look at the nice little old town of Littleton. It is a fairly typical old town of New England and it is well worth a little look around before you head up in the nearby White Mountains. We accidently used it as a base since we just arrived late at night and need a place to stay for the night but I guess it is actually possible to use it as kind of a base for exploring the nearby mountains and the Franconia Park along the interstate heading south.


  1. Not much of a buffet breakfast spread is disappointing. Hope the breakfast you had was satisfying and fueled you for the rest of the day. Always lovely to have a bit of a base to start from. If you ever get lost, you can ask someone for directions back there and they can help you out. Wonderful images and looked like the weather was pretty cold 🙂

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