Is this the best road to see the foliage?

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We turn away from the main interstate 93 in Lincoln to go out on the smaller road of 112 across New Hampshire drive along some of the best scenery of autumn colours you can probably spot in this part of the country. It is a very nice drive along this road.

There really aren’t a lot of major sights here – but the traffic is fairly light so we can just stop alongside the road whenever we spot some particularly nice colours along the road. We are not the only ones stopping at the side of the road – the traffic might be light here but there is some traffic not like the really small country roads we took in Vermont.

Despite the lack of any major sights it still takes pretty long to drive along this stretch of road due to the many stops and it isn’t helped by the fact the temperature seems to drop up here in the low mountains. So we have to take care in case there are a bit of black ice on the road. After a while we finally reach the end of the road and drive onto a bigger road driving north again heading towards the White Mountains.

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We stop in a small town of Jackson which is home to the Honeymoon Covered Bridge which is a nice covered bridge. And I guess this is more on the tourist trail than many of the other covered bridged we have seen since there are a tour bus parked next to the bridge when we arrive. Fortunately they seem to be on their way so we get the bridge more to ourselves after a little bit.

Then it is time to go up in the mountains and pretty much drive back to where we came from. We spend the entire day just doing a fairly small circle not really doing much except taking in the colours of the fall. A last stop is in the middle of the mountains where we stop to have a look at the impressive and historic Mountain Washington Hotel.


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