Getting lost in the forest

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We drive along the small national highway 7A to try to find some interesting sights and enjoy the scenery of the fall colours along the road. But we decide to get a bit off the beaten track and go into the Green Mountain.

When we are a bit north of Manchester we take a road leading up to the mountains – it is a seasonal road but the weather has been fairly warm so there shouldn’t be any snow up on the mountain so we expect the road to be still open. And fortunately this is the case.

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As we drive up the hill we get a good change of the colours of the trees – this is really what we went up here to see. The amazing colours of red, yellow, orange mixed with some green.

543A1549 (1280x853)

The road is fairly small when we turn into the Mt Tabor road – but it is getting even smaller as we get up the mountain. Suddenly the road is losing the asphalt sealing and it is just a dirt road – I realize google only mention this road as a seasonal forestry road – but I still expected it to be sealed all the way. Fortunately the dirt road is pretty good and the traffic is very light up here so we go slowly along the road enjoying the view of the foliage.

Finally we make it across the mountain and back down on the other side of the Green Mountain. We come back to sort of civilization and the small town of Weston which is located on the biggest north south road in the center of Vermont V100. It has gotten a bit late in the day so we only drive a little bit up the V100 to find a suitable place to stay for the night.


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