Driving through the fall colours on V100

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We start the day driving north on the V100 road which is the main road going from south to north in the central part of Vermont. It is a bit colder today than yesterday so the fall might soon turn into winter up here in the green state of Vermont.

We enjoy the slow drive north along the road – but we decide to try to repeat yesterday success going away from the small main roads and go into the even smaller secondary roads to get up higher in the mountains. We drive across the mountain on a small road and enjoy the view of the fall colours up in the mountain. We get across the mountains to a couple of smaller towns. We head to Bristol to have lunch and we have a quick look at the town which is quite nice with some older wooden buildings.

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After lunch we head back onto the small roads up to the mountains. We try to go on a small road up in the mountains – but unfortunately the road is closed. I am not sure if the colder temperature has resulted in snowfall up in the mountains so they have decided to close the seasonal road. Hence we can’t take the road we wanted to go – fortunately we don’t have to backtrack to where we came from but we manage to find another small road leading across the mountains but it doesn’t go up to the highest part of the mountains like we had planned. It is still a pretty nice drive through the fall landscape so it isn’t too big a loss we had to take this different road.

We manage to get back on V100 again and continue our drive up to the northern part of the state.


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