Mt Equinox Skyline Drive

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We hadn’t found the amazing foliage yesterday so we decided to search for more colourful scenery up along the Skyline Drive on Mt Equinox. The drive is supposedly very scenic and with some of the best foliage scenery in Vermont so we hoped for the best.

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Unfortunately the drive is a private toll road and the toll fee is pretty steep at 20 dollar for a car and driver plus 5 dollars extra per passenger. So we pay the steep fee of 25 dollars for the two of us and get a coin to open the gate. We also get an instruction on how to drive on the road – I find this somewhat amusing since the information is common knowledge for anybody in Europe who have ever tried to drive in the Alps. I guess the difference between European and American drivers are the fact most Americans have never tried to drive a manual car and hence don’t know how to use the engine to slow the car down on a steep downhill stretch – contrary to European drivers who primarily drive manual cars.

543A1489 (1280x853)
The local wildlife

We start driving up the steep hill towards the top of the mountain. As we drive up the temperature gradually drops slightly – and as the temperature drops the colour of the leaves on the trees change from green to a bright variety of fall colours. We stop a few times along the drive up to the top and take some pictures of the trees and the view along the road.

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Finally we get to the top – there is a big building up at the top – you would kind of expect there to be some sort of café or shop selling snacks and drinks – but that’s not the case. There is nothing for sale up here so you can’t stop for a cup of coffee while you enjoy the view – unless you have brought the coffee yourself. You can do a few short hikes up here – but it doesn’t look like there really are much reason to go out for hikes since you can almost get the view from the top with the house.

The view from up at the top of the hill are great – but when you consider other places you can go around Vermont for free – I think the fee is too steep. So I wouldn’t drive to the top of the mountain again if I should get back to this part of Vermont again.

543A1516 (1280x853)
Blowing the leaves


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