Museo Sefardi – Jewish museum of Toledo

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The Museo Sefardi located right next to the house of El Greco, and if you enjoy some of the religious paintings of a Christian painter, you might also jump right next door and visit a museum of another religion. There is another advantage if you are here on  Saturday afternoon or Sunday as the museum is  free – like the house of El Greco.

543A6148 (1024x683)
The roof in the great prayer hall

The museum used to be one of several synagogues in Toledo. It was built in 1355 when there was still religious tolerance in Spain.  During the Spanish inquisition this tolerance disappeared and in 1492 all Jews in Spain were given the choice to convert to Catholicism, leave Spain or be executed. After this the synagogue wasn’t used for its original purpose – instead it was at different times used as a priory, hermitage and military barracks. The building probably has significantly altered during these periods but it has been restored to it is original appearance.

As you enter the front door, you will see a large and impressive prayer hall which I think is the most interesting part of the whole museum. I haven’t been inside many synagogues, so it was quite interesting to see it compared to different churches and mosque I have seen over the years.

There are some displays of different clothing’s and different religious artefacts in the hallway, and there is also a small garden and some graves outside the building.


  1. I think we all should come see these magnificent sites such as this one. I would love to see the outside areas. Jewish History is fascinating to me through my love for history of the world. You are fortunate to see such remarkable locations

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