Le Basilic Restaurant

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Yey…. It is French Dining Week in Copenhagen Denmark, so we can go out and try several restaurants at a discount price.

We have been to Basilic Restaurant previously and we found the food was good and the price was very reasonable.

The restaurant itself very small and a bit noisy with other guests talking to each other and not much privacy since the tables put close to each other. Do not expect full service like in Michelin Restaurants, but for the price.. the food is worth it.

2018-06-14 19.59.31 (1024x576)
free cocktails

Since it was a special week, we have cocktail before dinner which included in the price, which cost DKK250 (USD40) per person. The cocktail was nice and who can refuse a free drinks…

2018-06-14 20.23.12 (1024x576)
French bread

The starter arrives shortly which is dumpling with seafood sauce.  It taste delicious. We savour the hot sauce with the french bread.. and it was very yummy.

2018-06-14 20.47.27 (1024x576)
lamb with aubergene
2018-06-14 20.43.53 (1024x576)

For the main course we have a tender lamb with aubergene and the sauce taste like a Japanese miso soup which is an interesting combination, and a little bit spicy.

2018-06-14 20.58.55 (1024x576)

I soo look forward to the dessert,  It is a cream with fresh strawberries and berries ice cream top with nuts.  Oh boy.. it looks good and taste delicious.

If you are in Copenhagen and would like to have a good meal without breaking the wallet, this place is a good deal. It tick all the boxes for a budget restaurant.

Le Basilic Restaurant

Address: Gasværkvej 5, Copenhagen, Denmark

Website: https://www.le-basilic.dk/


  1. I am sure you guys had some delicious food!!!Nice Review!!!!I have never tried lamb with aubergene….would love to try it next time here in any French restaurants in Switzerland….I would love to visit Copenhagen some day!!!!Have a great weekend!!!😊💕🦋

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, it was:) Thanks for reading and commenting, much appreciated. Let me know if you visit Copenhagen, would be lovely to meet other blogger in person and share the stories. have a great weekend.

      Liked by 1 person

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