Visiting the house of the Greek

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The most famous artist from Toledo is Domenikos Theotokopoulos – I guess nobody really knows who he is, since he is mainly known under his nickname El Greco – or the Greek. He was born in Crete but later he moved to Venice then Rome, before he finally made it to Toledo. In Toledo he got a lot of different commissions and made many paintings to decorate the many beautiful churches of the city and the homes of the rich in town.

To learn more about this famous artist and to see some of his works, we decided to go inside the House of el Greco. Since it is Sunday there is an extra advantage – the museum is free on Saturday afternoon and all of Sunday – so we don’t have to pay to go in and explore.

The house of the Greek isn’t actually the house where he used to live – it was somewhere else not far from here. I don’t think it matters too much – it is still interesting to go in and have a look at this recreated old house. The house is a pretty old building and there is a big lush garden which is actually a very nice spot to relax for a bit with a little view of the town.

We find that the old house is actually an attraction in itself – but I figure most people will come here not just for the old house but also to learn a bit about the Greek and enjoy some of his work.  There are quite a lot of El Greco’s paintings inside the museum, considering only a fairly small number of his paintings have survived to the current day. The main hall contains a series of paintings of the apostles. The paintings are very large and great representations of what the apostles might have been like.

Other halls contain paintings of the Greek’s students and other famous artist who has been inspired by him. All in all it is a good place to visit – and if you are here during the weekend the price of admission won’t stand in your way.


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