The locals come out in their traditional clothing

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One of the greatest festivals is the traditional Nadaam festival in Mongolia. There is actually not just one but many Nadaam festivals spread across all the country. The biggest of all is the Nadaam in the capital Ulaanbaatar from the 11 till 13 July every year. During the festival there are a lot of traditional sporting events taking place at the national stadium and outside the city for the horse races.

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Many people just showed up for the main festival – which is a shame since there are a lot going on in the days around the festival and the mood in the capital is very special with the locals being in a festive mindset. There are many concerts down at the main Djengis Khan square in the center of the city and other events across the city.

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A highlight for me was the night of July 10 – the evening of a Deel event – which means the traditional clothings of Mongolia.  In the evening many locals go down to the main square dressed in the traditional clothings of Mongolia. They looked very impressive and people are very happy to be featured in photos from the foreigners visiting during this time.

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The display is one of those unique events where you can participate for free without any need for reservations or preparations. You just need to show up and take in the parade of traditionally dressed Mongolians.

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  1. I used to be fascinated with the Mongolian music.
    Haven’t thought about it for a while, so thanks to this post I am going to search it up again.
    I love the clothing. So much nicer than the Dutch traditional clothing!

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    1. Hi Lily, congrats and thank you soo much for thinking and nominated us for the Liebster Award. We are very honoured. However we have decided to focus on the travel blog. Once again, Thank you from the bottom of our heart.


  2. What amazing pictures, Mongolian clothing is fantastic! And deels seem so practical as well, the herdsmen I met in Mongolia rode their horses in them with ease, even tucking cold baby goats inside the jacket opening.

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  3. What an awesome thing to stumble onto! You have travelled to some interesting and not so usual destinations. I have always been fascinated with the throat singing. It is so spine tingling

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  4. What an amazing festival! And your photos, as usual, are stunning! Mongolia must go onto my Bucket List. I lived in Kazakhstan for a few years, so I love the history of Djengis Khan and his march west from Mongolia. Thank you for sharing.

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    1. The locals not dressed like this everyday 🙂 it was a special event for the national holiday. I guess there must be many similarities with country side Kazakhstan and Mongolia. They live in yurt on the country in Kazakhstan as well?


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