Danish town of Kristianstad

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The city of Kristianstad was founded by the Danish king Christian IV in 1614. This period was a time of unrest in Scania with repeated wars between Denmark-Norway on the one side and Sweden on the other. The fight was for the supremacy of Scandinavia and the greater Baltic area. During this fight there were raids across the border between the two countries and in 1612 the city of Vå was raided.

Vå didn’t have a location which would be favorable for defense so the Danish king Christian IV decided to give up on the settlement and instead he founded a new city nearby. He decided to name the new town as Christianstad – so it by some lucky coincidence just happened to share his name. The city was founded to be a stronghold in the eastern part of Scania to form a solid defensive base in the next war against Sweden – nobody had any doubt about the fact there would be a new war.

The town had one of the strongest defensive positions in the area and you can still see one of the old bastions today at a corner of the old town where they have renovated Konungen Bastion.

When you walk inside the old town you can see this town is a planned town unlike the older towns in Denmark. The town has some very straight roads and the original town plan is still in use in the old town of Kristianstad.

It is nice to go and wonder the straight old street of the city which has some nice old buildings. The most interesting of the most interesting building is probably the large Trinity church which was built just after the city was founded. Just after the town was founded the church was way too big for the small town – but over time the city grew and the large church became more appropriate for the size of the city.


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