Trinity church of Kristianstad

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The city of Kristianstad was founded as a military town by the Danish king Christian IV in 1614. The new town obviously needed a church so the residents have somewhere to go for their prayers on the Sunday. The church was designed by a Dutch architect and you can see it is in Dutch style like so many other of the buildings Christian IV made across Denmark. The most famous of these are probably the magnificent Kronborg Castle in Helsingør.

The main church hall

The original style of the church has been almost preserved until today – the main change to the appearance of the church is a 59 meters tall tower which was added in 1865.

The church is a large church for the relatively small town of Kristianstad with a capacity of 1,400 people sitting inside the church. The church has a lot of light inside the building thanks to no less than 26 tall windows in the building.

The church is generally considered one of the best examples of Renaissance churches in Scandinavia. So if you have a chance to visit the pretty town of Kristianstad it is worth going inside the church and has a look around. The great thing about the visit to the church is it is free to go inside and look around.

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