The Muhlendamm Lock

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I didn’t know there was a lock in the city of Berlin – I guess it should come as a great surprise considering the city has a fairly large river running through it so there could easily be a need for a lock to regulate the river traffic.

Muhlendamm Lock

We walk across the town one early evening and suddenly we spot the lock – and it seems like it is about to be active. There are a couple of boats in the lock waiting for the water to reach the right level so the gate can open and the boats can continue their journey along the river.

I always find it amusing to stop and have a look at such a lock in action so when it just happens to be operating as we walk by it is natural to stop – considering we are not in a rush to be somewhere. After a bit of a wait the gate of the lock opens and the boats can sail slowly out of the lock and continue their journey down the river.

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