Dwarfs of Wroclaw

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One of the biggest attractions of Wroclaw is simultaneously one of the smallest attractions. The city is famous for having hundreds of dwarfs spread across the city. The dwarfs have become small lucky charms for the locals and they seem to frequently pad their favorite dwarf on the head when they walk by.

Tourist also has an interesting in spotting dwarfs – you can buy a dwarf map with some of the most interesting of the dwarfs. Spread around the town we saw many children with a special version of the dwarf map where they had stickers they could place on the map when they spotted a specific dwarf.

We joined in the hunt for the dwarfs and saw a large number of the many dwarfs which are hiding right next to the streets in the central part of the town in front of the houses or sometimes on the walls in the windows.

I guess you can spend days hunting for the dwarfs if you want to see all of them. The first dwarfs appeared in 2005 to remember the orange movement which was a peaceful resistance movement during the communist era. Since the first dwarf emerged the number has been ever increasing and now there are supposedly more than 700 dwarfs all around the town. Most are located in the old town especially around the central market square of the city.


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