Central square of Wroclaw

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In the center of Wroclaw you find a large square called the Rynek – or market square. This square is one of the largest market squares in central Europe measuring 213 meters by 178 meters. The central square is home to the most interesting of the old buildings in and around Wroclaw.

City hall on the square

The city of Wroclaw was badly damaged in the last part of World War II but after the war this central square has been restored to give a good impression of what it must have looked like before the war. The market in the city was founded in the first decades of the 13th century but the style off current houses surrounding the square is dating to a later period.

In the center of the square is a block of buildings including not one but two city halls – one old and another one new. They are the most impressive buildings around the square and naturally draw the attention of people visiting the square.

Pretty much anybody visiting the city will get to this square. Either just to do sightseeing or to get something to eat since the square is home to a several restaurants – though the quality of the food may not be the best in town – after all it is a bit of a tourist trap at this area.


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