Church of the Holy Name of Jesus in Wroclaw

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There are many churches in the old town of Wroclaw. One of the most interesting of these is the church of the Holy Name of Jesus at the edge of the old town down at the river. The church is located in an old castle of the city and it is a Baroque style gem of the town.

The church was built from 1689 to 1698 on the foundation of a former imperial castle. From 1704 to 1706 J. M. Rottmayer von Rosenbrunn made a series of paintings inside the church to decorate it. Only a few years after the church was built the interior was rebuilt from 1722 to 1734 in the classic baroque style. The reconstruction really worked out well for the church. The church is probably the most beautiful church in the old town of Wroclaw so if you only look into one church this one would be a good choice.

The church is easy to find down at the river a short walk from the central square of the city and it is free to enter the church when there is no service going on.

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