Pedestrian statue of Wroclaw

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Just a little outside of the old town of Wroclaw you find a little fun looking statue. They are located right where the large Pitsudskiego road is crossed by the Swidnicka – it is about 500 meters from the train station so you might get right by the statues if you walk from the station to a hotel in the center.

Going under the ground

The statue is a group of 8 pedestrian who disappears into the pavement on one side of the pedestrian crossing. They do reemerge on the other side of the pedestrian crossing where they are making it up through the pavement.

Coming up again

The statues were made in 2005 to commemorate the 24th anniversary of the martial law in Poland in 1981 when the Polish communist government tried to repress the Solidarity movement in Gdansk. I am not sure why they made this memorial here on the 24th anniversary – it seems a bit odd. And I am not sure what the connection is between this location and the martial law – but the statue is fun to have a quick look at no matter what the history behind it is.

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