Kamienica Oleśnickich – old house in Sandomierz

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We leave the famous church in Sandomierz and go to the central square of the city which is one of the most interesting sights in Sandomierz with the best looking old houses in the town.

On the old square we see an old house in the corner of the square which is the home to the local post office. Next to the post office in the same building we see a couple of woman dancing in front of the house trying to get people to visit the old house.

The dancing works – we decide to go in and have a look at the small house. The house is two stories tall house with a few rooms you can go inside. There are a few different items on display in the different rooms from the history of the city of Sandomierz.

The house is fairly small and the items of display only catch our interest for a short time so the visit to the house is over pretty quickly – the dancing at the entrance was the most interesting part of the house.

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