The Masurian Lake District

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In the north eastern corner of Poland is a large lake district. The Masurian Lakes consist of no less than 2,000 lakes – obviously not all of these lakes are giant lakes but if you want a lake you should be able to find one to your liking.

The lakes are located at the border of Poland and Belarus and previously the lakes were the border area between the kingdom of Prussia and Russia. The lakes were a natural place to have the border since it was very hard to cross through this natural area. The natural terrain was made into an important defensive position by the Germans before World War I and it protected the border.

You can go for a little boat ride on the lakes if you like mainly found in the large town at the lake Gizycko from where most of the tour boats depart or you can just have a look at the many lakes from the shore when you drive through the landscape.


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