Castle on top of the old town

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We are driving through the Polish country side and we drive by an old town called Golub-Dobrzyn – we didn’t actually have any plans to stop here but the place looks interesting when get close to it along the road so we decide to stop for a little while and see what is here.

The small town has a fairly large Rynek or market square in the center – this is by far the most interesting place we spot in the city. For such a small town the square seems large and there is a hotel at the square in addition to a restaurant. I guess this is the place to head if you are going to spend any significant time in the town.

Castle on top of the town

The old square has most of the interesting buildings but just off the main square you find the tourist information in an old building which might be the oldest surviving building in the city. There is also the main church of the old town just across from the tourist information.

When we stand at the old square we see an old castle on a top of a hill – it looks like the most important tourist attraction in the town so we decide to head up there for a little bit. The building is mainly a museum but it doubles as a hotel so if you like you can actually spend the night here on the top of the hill. There is a great view from the hotel if you do. So you can wake up and enjoy a view to the surrounding landscape in the morning.

The castle has a bit of an exhibition but it is rather small so we quickly get through the museum and get back on the road to continue the drive of the day.

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