Schloss Köpernick

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The castle Schloss Köpernick is found in a suburb of Berlin called Köpernick. The suburb used to be an independent town until 1920 when it was in cooperated in the enlarged Berlin city area. The history of Köpernick is long – the village was actually founded before the city of Berlin itself.

An interesting little sight in the old town is the castle. The current castle was built as a hunting lodge for the ruler of Brandenburg Joachim II. Later the castle was enlarged by the later owners of the castle. The current castle is actually a new version since the original castle at this location was a Slavic castle dating back to around the 6th century.

I think the castle is sometimes open for visitors – unfortunately this wasn’t the case when we were there – so we couldn’t get inside. Fortunately the ground surrounding the castle is open to the public so we could go in and have a look around.

The castle has a great location right at a lake in Köpernick area. The lake seems to be attracting lots of people from the area or other parts of Berlin to go and enjoy life on the lake when it is a nice sunny day.

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