Small island of Agersø

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Just off the coast of the main island of Zealand you find a few small islands. One of these small islands is the island of Agersø which is a 15 minutes ferry trip away from Zealand from the small town of Stignæs on the south western part of the Zealand.

The island is pretty small with an area of just 6.8 square kilometers and a population of a bit over a 100 people. The island hasn’t got the biggest sights but it was a nice little place to go for a daytrip. The small island mean it is easy to drive across the island in a short while and you could do it on a bike as well if you don’t have your own car – though it might be a bit of a bike ride to the ferry on Zealand since it isn’t really at a great transportation hub.

We start by driving to the northern edge of the island which is a flat area – the land up there is privately owned but it is possible to walk around the area along the shore of the Great Belt if you are not too nervous about getting wet feet. There are a lot of birds in the area particularly swans which hang around in the area.

The southern end of the island has an old light house but it is a bit of a hike out there since you are not allowed to drive all the way. After a bit of walking we realized just how far there was and turned back. I guess if you want to get out there you need to bring a bike to make it a bit faster. On the way to the southern point you find an old scone which dates back to the early 19th century when Denmark was fighting a war with Britain during the Napoleon War.

We enjoy the rest of the island as well which has a little bit of wildlife with some deer’s and some rabbits. There are some nice colours as well since the flowers are out there. There is a lot of red colour spread around the central part of the island. And a farm is growing some crops which have a lot of flowers as well – so it is pretty colourful to go around.

The main town of the island is right at the harbor – there aren’t a lot of great sights in the village but there is an old windmill and a church in addition to a little lake in the center of the village which is fairly scenic.

The village is also where you find the fairly large harbor for such a small town. The harbor is where most things for tourist are located with the few restaurants and ice-cream shops selling their products down close to the water. The only thing which is a bit further afield is the only shop on the island.

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