Fortress of Charlottenlund

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After the loss in the war of 1864 Denmark lost a large chuck of its old territories and it was realized there wasn’t enough resources to defend the open country side in case of an invasion from the powerful Prussian neighbor to the south.

The large guns at the fort

It was decided to concentrate all the resources on the defense of Copenhagen. A modern fortification was built to the west of Copenhagen to protect against attacks from land. The city was still vulnerable to attacks from the sea – so to supplement the land fortification a series of fort were built along the coast of Øresund. A large fortress to the south is Mosede Fort and to the north you find a fort at the small suburb of Charlottenlund.

The original fort was built in 1886-88 as a small battery to protect the northern approach to Copenhagen. Unfortunately it soon turned out the fort was not really up to the standard of a modern fort so it was decided to upgrade the fort. In 1909 the money for an upgrade to an actual fort was approved and the reconstruction was done between 1910 and 1912. So the fort was ready in time for the beginning of World War I. Fortunately Denmark never joined in the terrible war so the fort was never used.

In 1932 it was decided the fort no longer served any military purpose so it was decommissioned. From this time it was transformed into a beach park and the fort is still a nice park in a pretty setting. The old fort is a place where the locals like to enjoy a sunny day and there is a nice little restaurant in the middle of the fort with a view of the sea if you sit at the terrace outside the fort.

Trees around the fort


  1. Think it would have been better if nobody joined WWI. 😉 That said, the Fort is wicked cool looking. I’m glad there’s folks like you who do travel logs so those of us who can’t afford to fly can live vicariously in pictures.

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    1. I agree with the part of no one joining would have been better – but that wasn’t to be.

      This was actually pretty small travel for us since the fort is only half an hour from where we live.

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      1. Never is I’m afraid.

        That’s cool, that you’re so close to neat history. In Maine, things are spread out. And, maybe obviously, we don’t have much history of that calibre dating much before the 1620s.

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