Manor house of Fusingø

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In the eastern part of Jutland you find a little lake called Fusingø. A short distance from the lake is an old manor house which used to be an estate for a member of the Danish aristocracy but the family couldn’t afford to keep the estate and it was sold off and now it is on public hands so everybody can go and enjoy the area.

A short distance from the manor home is an old watermill which is actually privately held but they do have a little café which is open sometimes so it is possible to go and see the watermill. Though the café is only open in the afternoon so it was still closed when we dropped by.

The old manor house used to have a bit of a forest as well. Back a couple of hundred years ago Denmark had been almost completely deforested. Almost all forest around the country had been cleared away to make way for agricultural land. Considering the lack of forest during this period it is very unusual to find old growth forest anywhere in Denmark. but right here is a little area which used to be covered in forest more than two hundred years ago – and the trees has been left behind so there is some old growth forest here. The trees are old and in strange shaped so it has earned the name troll forest.

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