Beach town of Bønnerup Strand

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We spend a week in the tiny town of Bønnerup Strand – we rented a nice little beach house with a great view of the area and stay here for a while working from a distance and exploring the area for a while. The village is pretty small but it does have a little super market and a few restaurants. I guess the restaurants are primarily seasonal serving the many summerhouses in the area which fills up from the early summer and a few months to the fall. The restaurants are not really top end but if you want to skip cooking for a day there are a couple of options.

There are a beach just outside from the house we are staying at – but the water seems to be very shallow so it isn’t actually ideal for swimming – not that we had brought any swimwear anyways since the water during the early summer in Denmark is really chilly.

The main attraction of the town is the a fairly big harbor which seems to attract a lot of locals from the area who head there to use their boats or get a burger or ice-cream down at the harbor during a sunny day. The place is a pretty area to stay and it was good as a base during our little stay.

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