The cliff of Voderup Klint

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On the south coast of Ærø you find a unique landscaped called Voderup Klint. The cliff here is one of the southern most points in Denmark and it is located on a southern stretch of the coast of Ærø hence this area is getting some of the warmest temperatures in Denmark hence some species of plants find this location more pleasant than other locations around Denmark. you might be lucky to spot a lizard at the cliff or even one of the two species of snake which lives in Denmark – if you spot it do not panic it is not a venomous snake hence it is a safe experience to see the snake.

The giant steps at Vorderup Klint

Despite the special plant life in the area what makes the cliffs famous is the special geology. The cliffs are 3.5 kilometers long and 33 meters high. The cliff looks like giant steps leading down to the water – unfortunately the steps doesn’t come out really well on my photos compared to what it looked like.

The layers in the steps consist of clay and some very slow flowing water makes the different levels of the cliffs is moving slowly at different pace creating the giant steps. When the cliffs reach the sea they are slowly destroyed by the storms which hit from time to time – though southern storms are not that common.

Thanks fully the cliffs are only 33 meters high from the water surface making it fairly easy to walk up and down to the beach.


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