The red stone of Fur

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Along the northern beach of Fur is a small attraction which does get a few people to head up here. The beach itself is pretty. You can see the clay cliff going down to the beach making a dramatic impression of the beach. A few people do head to the beach in search of fossils – the clay is prehistoric and a lot of animals are embedded in the 54 million year old clay.

Down at the beach is a special piece of clay called rødstenen or the red rock. the stone is made of clay which isn’t in itself red – but over the years the clay have been coloured red by a bit of iron sediments which has gradually been washed through the clay at this spot. The red colour of the stone make it easy to spot down along the beach and it is the main objective for most people at this beach. Fortunately the number of visitors to Fur on a spring day is fairly limited so it wasn’t crowded when we went to see the rock.

After a visit to the rock you might consider going up the small cliff and enjoy the view from above. It is possible to hike for a couple of kilometers to the next village with a parking lot – but you would have to walk back the same way so you may consider not going all the way. We did turn around before we reached the next parking lot.

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