Mules at the beach

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One of the most unique pieces of art in the Danish landscape is found at the beach of the small resort town of Blåvand. Back on May 5 1995 Denmark was celebrating the 50th anniversary of the liberation of Denmark after World War II. There was many events taking place on this day – but the biggest in size was taking place along the west coast of Jutland.

At ten at night until midnight a laser light was lite all along the Danish western coast down to the German island of Sild. The laser light would only stay for those two hours and then it would disappear forever. But you can still see part of this event till this day.

At the beach of Blåvand there are many bunkers left behind by the Germans as they fortified the coast to protect it against a possible allied landing. These bunkers are virtually indestructible and are still standing today. Most have tumbled over and stay at the beach but here at Blåvand some have been transformed.

The artist Bill Woodrows decided to turn the old bunkers into mules. He chose this animal since they are unable to reproduced and therefore they are a symbol of peace. The original art piece is long gone but these mule bunkers still attract droves of tourist to this section of the beach where they can see the giant mules.


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