The largest town of the fjord

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Ringkøbing is by far the biggest town at Ringkøbing Fjord – this actually tells you more about the size of the other towns in the area than Ringkøbing itself which is a fairly small town with a bit less than ten thousand inhabitants.

Old house at the main square in the town

The city has a little center with a few shops and restaurants giving it a feel of civilization which you might be missing if you spend any extended period of time around this remote rural area.

The town got town rights back in the middle of the 15th century but the town is at least a hundred years older than this. Despite the long history the center of the town doesn’t seem to have very many old charming buildings which you often find in the smaller old rural towns in Denmark.

The main attraction of the city is the pretty harbor which is the biggest harbor facing Ringkøbing Fjord. There are a few pleasure boats and a couple of fishing boats – so a few people still engage in fishing on the fjord which used to be an important supplement for the people of the area since the soil around this part of Denmark is very poor and it has traditionally been hard to make a living on farming alone in this part of the country.

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