Harbor of Stauning

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Spread around the large Ringkjøbing Fjord you find several small harbors. Many of these harbors are pretty small with only a few boats – one of the prettier of these small harbors is found in the small village of Stauning. There isn’t much of a village around here but there are actually quite a large number of boats which must be owned by people from a larger area around Stauning.

Houses at the harbor

The harbor is protected so the boats can rest safely – actually all the harbors around Ringkjøbing Fjord is protected since the area is cut off from the North Sea so the waves in the area never gets very big even during the strongest storms.

The harbor is basically one long body of water with several boats inside the harbor including a few small fishing boats which must be fishing in the shallow water just outside the harbor. Next to the harbor is a fairly large collection of small houses. We can’t really figure out what these houses is used for since they look too small to be used as summerhouses and a bit too pretty just to be toolsheds for the boat owners. We never solve the mystery and just notice the many houses.

There is a little restaurant down at the harbor as well – which obviously is closed like all other restaurants. But when it opens it will be a nice little spot to sit on a sunny day with a view of the harbor.

The harbor is a pretty little stop and we were nearby since we had just visited the whisky distillery of Stauning – so if you are heading for the whiskies you might as well drive the few extra miles to enjoy the harbor as well. If you skip the whiskies you probably could skip this detour as well.

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