Birds at the dike

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After having looked at the starlings in the morning we head back to Højer for breakfast. We still haven’t had enough of birds so we decide to head to Videå Slusen the lock at Videåen just outside Højer. The area is a great place to go and observe birds since this is in the middle of the national park of Vadehavet – which is one of the biggest tidal flats in the world.

It is low tide for the moment and there are a lot of birds on the mud flats outside the dike protecting the low land behind it. We have a look at the many birds which are searching for food while the water is away.

On the dike itself we see some of the starlings which flew away from the lake in the morning after they had stayed there for the night. The starlings keep a little distance when they are feeding during the day. Apparently the small bugs they are feeding on can hear the starlings trampling on the ground if they go too close together – which would get the bugs to hide from the birds. It is hard to imagine the small birds have such heavy feet’s – but apparently it is the case.

Windmill at Højer

We leave the birds behind and look at the windmill of Højer before we head back north from the southern border of Denmark.

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