Morning starlings

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We wake up early in the morning – actually I am not sure this can actually be classified as morning yet. It is pitch black outside and we go down to the street to drive across the border to Germany. We head for the place where we saw the starlings go to bed yesterday. We would like to see them get up in the morning as well.

It is surprisingly difficult to find the location in the dark but after a while we manage to get to the place the starlings went to sleep. It turns out they are still a sleep. The birds clearly don’t want to wake up before the first light hits the horizon. When we finally see the light coming at the eastern horizon the birds keep sleeping. They don’t start to wake up before the light is a bit brighter and it is actually after what you would usually consider to be sunrise.

The birds are actually at the same side of the water as us. It is a bit of a surprise since we saw them go to bed across the water last night. I guess the starlings must have decided to move after we left and got to the other side of the lake.

The starlings are really noisy when the wake up. They start singing in the morning before they get ready to fly out and eat all day. After a bit of singing some of the birds leave in a large flock – it is pretty impressive to see the many birds fly away in the morning.

There are still a lot of starlings left after the first ones leave. They actually leave in large groups spread across 15 minutes. It is fun to watch the birds in the morning. I actually think it is even more impressive to see the birds leave in the morning than go to bed at night. Finally the last of the birds leave to go for breakfast. Which reminds us of the fact we haven’t gotten any breakfast ourselves so we head back across the border to get some breakfast.

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