Heading back to Højer

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We go to the small town of Højer in South Jutland just a couple of kilometers north of the border to Germany. It is actually the second time in a year we go there. Before this I haven’t been to Højer since I was a kid – I guess there is nothing like a global pandemic which can really change the travel patterns so we head here once again.

Old house with the windmill in the background

The town is quite the opening of the borders hasn’t drawn a huge crowd of German tourist to the place – I guess they prefer to go to places at the beach instead. You don’t think of Højer as a place where there will be big changes within a few months and most of the town does look like the last time we went by. But one major change has happened.

New wings of the windmill

The old windmill of Højer was under repair when we last were here and it had lost its wing since they were restoring the head of the windmill. They have actually finished their repairs and the windmill has once again got its wing back. The windmill looks a lot better this time around compared to the last time – there is something unnatural with a windmill with no wings.

We take a quick walk around the town enjoy the old houses with the thatches roofs and the old church. There really isn’t any major sight in the town – the attraction is just the collection of old houses in town – many of which could actually be part of an outdoor museum if they were not used as habitation for some of the local residents.

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