Spotting deer’s outside Middelfart

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Just outside the town of Middelfart is an old castle – the castle itself isn’t all that interesting and you could skip it all together – since it is a fairly modern building without the normal charm of an old castle.

One main part of the castle was an old dyrehave or animal garden which is preserved until this day. The park is called Hindsgavl Dyrehave. The area is a large grassy area with a little forest as well. The entire area is fenced off. We drive into the area actually by accident since we were taking a short cut towards the bridge to Jutland. The speed limit here was surprisingly low and people just parked on the middle of the road. We didn’t realize why people were driving so strangely here.

And then we had a look away from the road to the side were we spotted a large herd of deer’s. After a bit we really have to stop the car since the deer’s are no longer just hanging out away from the road. No they have decided it is time to run across the road. A large number of deer’s cross the road and we have a little closer look at them.

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