Lily festival at the castle

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Gavnø Slot is a large castle just outside the town of Næstved on South West Zealand. The castle has a large park which they open for visitors to help pay for the maintenance of the castle. The park is pretty during all year but there are some particular events during which the park is more stunning.

One of these annual events is the lily festival which is going on in August and September. They plant a lot of lilies around the park and you can go and explore the park to enjoy the many flowers spread across the area.

There are many sections with the different lilies with many bright colours. We walk around the flowers and there are a few benches where you can sit and enjoy a little picnic amongst the flowers so we enjoy a little take away lunch while we enjoy the sun and the flowers.

The castle is a great destination to go and enjoy if you have a bit of extra time to enjoy the area of Zealand outside the Copenhagen area which get the bulk of the visitors to the area.


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