Trolls of Horsens

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We head down to the city beach of Horsens which has a special attraction. There is a large troll down at the beach. The troll is called Troels the Troll and it was constructed in 2015 by Thomas Dambo who actually built several of this kind of trolls around Denmark and actually a couple of other countries around the world which just could live without such a troll.

Troels the troll

Unfortunately Troels started to feel lonely when he was standing down at the beach by himself – even with all the towns kids playing around him he missed some of his own species to keep him company.

Troels with his young friends

Fortunately the city of Horsens came to his help. The got Thomas to come back and build Laura and Julian – two baby trolls which can keep good old Troels company.

The trolls are an easy walking distance from pretty much anywhere in Horsens town so you can go down and have a little look at these unique creatures if you feel like it. Even if you don’t want to go swimming – let’s be realistic the swimming season in Denmark is pretty short.


    1. I knew he had made some trolls in other countries. I think there is a series in South Korea for some reason. I thought he made one in Canada as well – but maybe it was the one in Colorado.

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