Little town of Halmstad

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We arrive at the small town of Halmstad in Halland. The center of the city has a few old houses which is nice to have a little look at. You also find a few old churches in the city making it interesting to go for a little wonder. Down towards the water you find the main attraction of the city. An old castle built by the Danish king Christian IV in 1615 before the Swedish conquest of Halland.

The castle was a royal residence and was the basis for the administration of the city. This feature has been kept over the years so the castle is still used as an administrative building without any public access. So we can only see the castle from the outside. This is still a nice place to go and see.

From the castle we head down to the water which is another nice place in the city. Halmstad is an old town so naturally the city is centered at a body of water which used to be the main transport source for goods coming to and from the city.

We only spend a little time walking around the town in the afternoon since we need to head back home across Øresundsbroen to come home to Copenhagen.

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