Abandon castle of Fiholms slot

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We drive a little outside of Eskiltuna in search of an old castle called Fiholms Slot. We have set our GPS up for the castle and we head towards the location – but when we get there we can’t really see the castle anywhere so we are a bit confused. We park the car at the end of a road which should be the location of the castle but there is nothing to see except an old building which may have been part of a castle.

Old building a bit away from the castle

We walk around for a bit and then we manage to spot the castle. Fiholms slot date back to 1642 when the two main buildings of the castle were built. The buildings look pretty nice – but unfortunately it does look like the castle has been abandon – there is no sign of anybody staying here or using the castle for any activity.

The lack of activity means we can walk around the area and explore for a bit. The most interesting is obviously the main buildings which is located at a little open square in the middle with a large tree in the middle which all in all sums up to a nice setting.

We go into the woods behind the castle back here is some buildings which was probably accommodation for some of the more important staff members of the castle back when it was a large country side estate. Today the buildings generally seem pretty run down with some of them basically ruins. It is a bit of a shame these nice old buildings hasn’t been preserved for posterity – but I guess considering the remote location of the castle most people don’t want to have their main house here hence nobody really bother to keep everything in a good shape.

It was a fun little walk around the old castle – supposedly you can get a private tour of the castle if you manage to contact the owner in advance – but we just showed up on a Saturday afternoon with nobody around so there was no tour available for us.


  1. It’s awesome that you can get near enough to see all this! It’s good that folks are keeping the buildings up. Not everybody likes keeping old forts and things around.

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      1. I see. We have a few buildings like that in New England, but the Town or State often buys them out and makes them into parks and things so that tax income helps pay them.

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