Engelsbergs ancient ironworks

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One of the best preserved old iron works dating back to the preindustrial era is found at Engelsberg in Dalärna a little north west of Stockholm. The iron work was at the heart of the early industrialization of Sweden and it has actually survived until today. The area is so well preserved it has been designated as a UNESCO world heritage as a special reminder of this era of early industrialization which has been lost most other places around the world.

The industrial area is left behind in a park which you can go and visit. The houses is spread across a fairly large area of land and naturally most of the buildings is painted in the Swedish red colour which was made famous at the nearby cobber mine in Falun.

The old iron smelter

Unfortunately we cannot go inside the buildings but we manage to walk around the area and enjoy the old buildings. The most interesting of the buildings is a large red building which used to be the smelting house. The building probably wasn’t always this red since the smelting process used a lot of coal and the area was completely covered in coal dust.

We enjoy walking around the many old buildings at this nice sunny day. It is worth having a look at this relic of ancient industry which is pretty rare to see today.

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