Longest pier at Rättvik

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We get to the small town of Rättvik which is located at one of the many large lakes in Sweden. One of the main attractions of this town is the wooden pier into the lake which is actually the longest wooden pier in Scandinavia. I am not sure why it has to be so long if it serves a purpose or if they just build it this long because they could break the record.

The pier of Rättvik

The wooden bridge is stretching 628 meters out into the lake or a bit more than 2,000 feet’s. We decide to walk out to the end since the sun is shining a bit – we are not the only ones walking out here it seems like one of the preferred places to go for a walk in the town.

Walking out on the pier we have a great view of the lake side around the town and we enjoy the little walk like the locals do. It seems like the lake is also a preferred place for people to go swimming – and you might think this is mainly a summer event – but no there is an older woman who is walking out to a place where there is a ladder to go down into the water. She strips naked and jump into the water for a quick swim – but I guess the water is too cold for any longer swim so she is up again quickly.

Out at the end of the pier is a little platform where we have a little looks around the lake for a bit and we enjoy the view.

We decide to head back towards the shore – and after a bit we speed up since it seems like there is a bit of a drizzle starting. And if it starts to pour down when we are at the pier there will be nowhere to hide and we will get soaked. We manage to get to shore in a fairly dry condition and here we can get into coverage by some trees until we make it back to the car.


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