Looking for mushroom in Skuleskogen

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A little drive south of Umeå we reach a little national park called Skuleskogen close to the coast. It is a nice place where you can go for hiking a bit in the woods if you like.

We decide to go out to see a bit of the forest – there is nobody else around so we can enjoy an easy hike for a bit. We follow some good paths towards a view point. On the way out there we pass many old trees some of which have fallen – and this is a national park so the trees has just been left where they have fallen to give a good living environment for the small bugs in the forest.

Along the trail there is many fungi growing – I guess there is a reason so many Swedish go to the woods at fall to collect mushrooms in the forest for their dinner table. We are not cooking tonight so we are not collecting anything – anyway we don’t feel sufficiently confident in our skills in identifying poisonous mushrooms so even if we had been cooking it was probably best to go for mushrooms in a supermarket.

The trail ends at a little view point where we can see the sea in the distance. We enjoy the view for a little bit before we turn back along the same path to the parking lot.


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