Outdoor museum at Gammlia

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We spend the night in Umeå and decide to have a quick look at the center in the morning but it doesn’t take long since we don’t spot anything really interesting. Instead we drive just outside the city to the museum area of Gammlia. It is nice weather so we decide to head for the outdoor museum area at the area.

We walk out and have a look at the old buildings in the area. It is a nice area with a lot of forest and the buildings are spread across a fairly large area in the forest. During the summer it should be possible to go inside the buildings but during our offseason visit we can only see the buildings from the outside.

There are many traditional Swedish farm buildings but there is also a little section with Sami constructions from the Sami people living in this area of Sweden. The Sami buildings look a bit like what we have seen at other similar places around northern Scandinavia so it wasn’t  a really new experience for us – but it was nice to see it and I guess this is close the southern edge of the Sami population in Sweden with the possible exception of the mountain area.

Stage for dancing

One of the interesting constructions is a large kind of stage platform. This is apparently a place people would go to dance in the 1920s and this kind of places were common around Sweden at that time so the locals could go dancing in the summer time.

The old church

Another interesting building is a nice old wooden church which is located at the edge of the outdoor museum. It is a nice place to go and wonder and see the old building on a day with a good weather like today.

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